Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD - 30th Jan to 3rd Feb 2017

Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 30th Jan to 3rd Feb 2017

Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 30th Jan to 3rd Feb 2017

EURUSD had a quiet week. However, it will not be as quiet next week as it was in the last week. We are going to have a new month next week. Some high impact news events have been scheduled to take place. Thus, the pair might get volatile next week.

Let us have a look next week’s high impact news events.

Tuesday- 31st January 15.00 GMT

  • CB consumer confidence

This news event has a tendency to produce spike and wipe off intraday stop losses.

Wednesday- 1st February 13.15 GMT

  • ADP Nonfarm employment change

Wednesday- 1st February 15.00 GMT

  • ISM manufacturing PMI

Wednesday- 1st February 15.30 GMT

  • Crude oil inventories

Wednesday- 1st February 19.00 GMT

  • FOMC statement

This is going to be a very volatile day. All of these news events can create huge volatility, but FOMC is the one that does it most. Traders should be very careful to take entries on EURUSD next week before these news events.

Thursday- 2nd February 13.30 GMT

  • Unemployment claims

It normally is a massive news event. However, EURUSD has the tendency to go with the trend that is established from the previous day’s FOMC statement. Nevertheless, intra-day traders should avoid taking entries before this news event as well.

Friday- 3rd February 13.30 GMT

  • Average hourly earnings m/m
  • Nonfarm employment change
  • Unemployment rate

EURUSD traders wait for this day, which is the first Friday of a month. These 3 news events not only create volatility, but also determine the trend for the rest of a month. Impacts are always massive, thus intra-day traders have the option only to watch the market move on this day. This month’s forecast is 156K. Last month’s actual claim was 156K as well. This means one way or the other EURUSD pair is going to be very volatile on that day.


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