Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD - 4th to 8th Dec 2017

Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 4th to 8th Dec 2017

EURUSD had a bearish week. However, the weekly candle suggests that it is a Bullish Inside bar. Thus, as far as Candlestick pattern is concerned the next might be a strong Bullish week. A number of high impact news events are to take place in the next week that could create the pair very volatile. Traders should have a solid trading plan to deal with those news events. Let us have a look at those news events.

Tuesday – 5th December 2017- GMT 16.00

  • ISM Manufacturing PMI

This news event could make the pair be volatile on the intraday charts.

Wednesday – 6th December 2017- GMT 14.15

  • ADP Non-Farm employment change

Intraday traders should be careful for this news event as well since it often produces long spikes on the intraday charts.

Wednesday-6th December 2017- GMT 16.30

  • Crude oil inventories

It does not always make the pair volatile, but it has the potential to make the pair be very volatile on its day.

Thursday- 7th December 2017- GMT 14.30

  • Unemployment Claims

This is a news event where traders will keep their eyes to find trading opportunity once, the market is settled after the news event.

Thursday- 7th December 2017- GMT 17.00

  • ECB president Draghi speaks

The EURO is bound to be shaken for Draghi’s speech. Thus, EURUSD pair might get extremely volatile just before and after his speech.

Friday – 8th December 2017- GMT 14.30

  • Average hourly earnings m/m
  • Non-Farm employment change
  • Unemployment change

This is probably the biggest news events day of the month. Intraday day traders should be careful with their opened intraday positions before this hour since the big traders are going to jump into the market to make money around these news events.

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