Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD - 9th to 13th Oct 2017

Weekly Forex News Events for EURUSD – 9th to 13th Oct 2017

EURUSD finished the last week with a strong bearish tone. NFP release pushed the price towards the upside, but the overall scenario suggests that the pair is still biased with the bear. The next week will be an interesting week as far as news events are concerned. Not too many news events are to take place in the next week. However, two massive news events to take place that are bound to shake the pair.

Let us have a look at the high impact news events’ schedule that are to create volatility on the pair.

Wednesday-11th October- GMT 18.00

  • FOMC meeting minutes

Big traders will be waiting for this one. Intraday traders must not let their trade floating just before this news event. Traders that know how to trade using big time frame, they will surely love this news event to take their entries of the month!

Thursday-12th October-GMT 12.30

  • PPI m/m
  • Unemployment claims

These two news release events are going to shake the pair. Needless to say that some excellent opportunities might come once the market gets settled down.

Thursday-12th October-GMT 14.30

  • ECB president Draghi speaks

This shakes all the EURO pairs. EURUSD gets shaken by this news event even more than other pairs. EURUSD traders should wait for the news event to get over to take their entries.

Thursday-12th October-GMT 15.00

  • Crude oil inventories

It does not always shake the market, but it could make the pair very volatile on its day.

Friday-13th October- GMT 12.30

  • CPI m/m
  • Core CPI m/m
  • Core Retail Sales m/m
  • Retail Sales m/m

They could make the pair very volatile since they are going to take place at the very end of the week.


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