What is MyFXBook 

 February 17, 2016

By  Advanced Strategies

What is MyFXBook

What is MyFXBook?

What is MyFXBook

Personally, this is probably one of the best social community online. And it’s free. MyFXbook is a free social Forex community that provides online tools to traders to analyze their Forex trading performance. And if you are not so much into analyzing your own trading performance, you can use MyFXBook.com to search for Professional traders whom you can employ if their services is up for hire. You can also use MyFXbook to search for Expert Advisors. Basically, it’s a social community and also a trade performance verification service that you can use to verify trading performance of traders, indicators, and expert advisors. Any legit MT4 Indicator or MT4 Expert Advisor will somehow have a verified MyFXbook account. We really cannot take any trading software seriously if they cannot produce a MyFXBook verified account. Here’s MyFXBook Official Website.

For example, one of the MT4 Expert Advisors that we have reviewed and recommended  has a verified MyFXBook account and it’s a real account performance. Here’s the MT4 Expert Advisor that we have reviewed and still highly recommend until today.

What is MyFXBook – an independent 3rd party and tracked trading performance on real time. Before you invest into any MT4 Expert Advisors, we recommend that you check if they have any MyFXbook verification. If they do not, you probably want to be a little cautious. If you want a reliable MT4 Expert Advisor with MyFXbook verification, please check out our #1 pick for what we consider as the Best Automated Trading Software available.

How to use MyFXBook.com

How to Use MyFXBook.com

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