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What is Trend Trading?

Without trying to make this sound complicated, trend trading is just a simple way of just going with the flow of the market. You can also say trading with the market sentiment. If you can identify and trade with the trend, then trading becomes rather simple because you will always seem to have the wind behind your back. And that’s really power trading.

How to Identify a Trend

If you have come across a trend chart, you may have seen that the trends are categorized by trading ranges. The trading ranges are either high or low depending on particular times. You may find that the market may make higher highs, or even higher lows. That trend is identifiable as an uptrend.If the Forex market makes some series of lower highs and or lower lows, that’s where the downtrend term comes in.

How to Determine a Trend using the 50 200 Day EMA!



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